Lenoir-based Bemis Custom Plastics, the advanced technology group of Bemis Manufacturinhg Company, has announced the acquisition of a 3,000-ton plastic injection molding system, the Maxima MG 3000, from Milacron Plastics Technologies.

Bemis Customs Plastics designs, engineers and produces plastic parts for a wide variety of industries. Despite its massive size, the new Maxima MG 3000 uses 10-20 percent less floor space than comparable machines. This efficient use of floor space will enable Bemis to add additional machines when needed.

"The Maxima MG 3000 gives us the ability to produce parts to our exact production requirements," said Rick Martin, the company's Southeast manager for market and business development. "This enables us to opitimize our process for the highest part productivity, quality and accuracy."

The Maxima MG 3000 is an injection moding machine that will give Bemis Custom Plastics the ability to form larger and more precise custom plastics parts for business and industrial markets including the automotive, housewares, appliance, storage and transport containment, furniture and construction industries. The Maxima MG 3000 provides greater speed, precision, capacity and repeatable performance for years of demanding production. The Maxima MG 3000 is flexible to adapt to additional product lines and evolving conditions.

Martin said the new equipment arrived in two different sections that were put together. "It will help us be more competitive in the manufacturing environment."

Bemis is located at 201 Industrial Court off Morganton Boulevard. The site employs approximately 200 individuals. Its parenting company, Bemis Manufacturing Company, makes custom OEM plastic parts for commercial, medical and industrial markets worldwide. Employing 1,600 people in six countries, the company makes and markets products under its own brands, as well as producing private-label products and component parts for a variety of industries.

News-Topic News Editor Paul Teague contributed to this report.
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