July 3, 2009

Caldwell County’s sculpture collection is an asset that stands out. The Caldwell County Chamber of Commerce and the Caldwell Arts Council have formed a sculpture committee whose focus is using the area’s sculpture collection as an asset in Caldwell County’s economic development efforts. This enthusiasm began when a destination marketing consulting firm working with the Caldwell County Chamber of Commerce identified the area’s sculpture collection as an untapped resource.

The Caldwell Arts Council started a quest back in the early 1980s to install purchased pieces from its annual Sculpture Celebration in the surrounding communities. But what began as a way to enhance the community is now one of the county's biggest assets. The committee has put together a group of energetic volunteers who have made raising awareness and increasing accessibility of the county’s sculpture collection their mission. The committee believes that if residents of the county get excited about sculpture, then others will want to come see it. This group of volunteers is already presenting a slide program on the county’s sculpture collection to groups and organizations.

In addition, the sculpture committee has made significant strides in accomplishing its mission.

  • Developed a mission statement and communications plan.
  • Named their effort “Caldwell Sculpts” and adapted a logo to establish an identity for the awareness program.
  • Designed a scavenger hunt for youngsters involved in summer programs with the library, 4H clubs and other youth groups. The first 50 children to complete the hunt by July 15 will enjoy an ice cream party at Caldwell Arts Council.
  • Received a $5,000 grant from the Unifour Foundationto to develop a brochure with a map locating most of the pieces in the collection and to create teaching tools about the collection for use in the schools.
  • Initiated a sponsorship program to purchase sculpture signage for most of the collection. Signs will identify the piece, the sculptor, year purchased and the name
  • Fine-tuned the organization's sculpture slide show for use with civic clubs and organizations.

One of the organization's next projects is to develop an adopt-a-sculpture program to provide on-going care of the pieces in the collection and maintenance of their locations.

To get involved, contact the Caldwell Arts Council at 828-754-2486.