When August 5 2017, 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Location The Patterson School Foundation
Admission $40
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The Patterson School Incubator Farm is a new space for farmers, gardeners, and learners to start their businesses and develop their skills.
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At this workshop, learners will get a hands-on taste of what's its like to forge iron tools on a portable outdoor forge! Tickets are available at the website link, or by emailing benloomis@pattersonschoolfoundation.org to RSVP.

Eli Bundrick, 19, has been blacksmithing since he was 8 years old. Born in Rabun County GA, where the old traditions are still strong, he first became exposed to the craft through the Foxfire Program, a local initiative in the county school system to keep the Mountain customs alive; and also the publishers of the well known Foxfire books. Wayne Pitts was the resident smith when Eli entered the program. Wayne was a talented blacksmith, having learned to forge from the old timers of the area, and he represented an unbroken chain of knowledge stretching back to the earliest days of settlers in the Blue Ridge. Eli attended the John C. Campbell Folk School, studying under several accomplished smiths . He attends the Track Rock gathering every year. Primarily a blade smith, Eli makes beautifully balanced knives in a style all his own. Though young, he has a skill far beyond his years.

This class would teach students the basics of blacksmithing:
The tools and how to use them efficiently
Knowing the metal and the fire
Basic techniques to work metal
Students would make hooks, coat racks, and fireplace pokers.
They would learn some of the history of the craft and get a look at its future.

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