When June 23 2018, 9:00am - 4:00pm
Location Patterson School Campus in Happy Valley off Hwy 268 at 4646 Patterson School Dr. Lenoir, NC
Admission $40 or $35 each if you sign up with a friend
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Felt is the oldest know textile, used by many culture to make clothing, shelter and art work.

Wet felted items are created by using animal fibers, warm, slightly soapy water and friction to tangle and bind fibers together to make a non woven fabric.  In this session, you’ll learn felt making techniques to make small items to use as gifts for friends or yourself.

 We will begin our day by discussing the magic of felt making, how a piece of fluffy fiber can become a solid piece of fabric, and more. Using different types of wool fibers, water, soap and elbow grease we will make solid forms for dryer balls, cat toys, or ornaments.  You will get the feel for different types of fibers and how each work, gaining an understanding of the best uses for each type.

We will make different types of beads, some combined with felted ropes to make necklaces and bracelets.

Soaps covered with fiber make great scrubbies, a soap and loofah in one, and great gifts.  Felted flowers can be used as pins, gift toppers, ornaments or combined with ropes to make lariat necklaces or belts.  Small felted landscapes using wool, silk fibers, yarns…are a fun challenge.

Materials and tools will be provided  Working with wool requires standing for long periods of time so wear comfortable shoes and clothing.  Please bring an apron if concerned about clothing getting wet.

Each person should bring a few hand or bath towels.

For more information, contact instructor Jane Campbell at jcc.obt@gmail.com.

The Patterson School Incubator Farm is a system to help aspiring homesteaders and farmers get started making a living off the land. We’re revitalizing a century-old boarding school property into a community space focused on sustainable agriculture and traditional arts, and you are invited to become a crucial part of that community.