Shopping for furniture in Lenoir and Caldwell County is a real treat. You’ll be dealing with many fine people who live and work right here in our community. Like you, they have a great sense of pride in their businesses and want to help you get the best buys for your money. Here are some of our suggestions for purchasing furniture.



First and foremost, furniture should be comfortable, so sit on it! Are the coils centered in the seat area? Check the edges for support. Padding should be firm, but not lumpy. Check the edges for rough spots or exposed nails.



Check the item to consider its appearance. Is the pattern centered? Does it match top to bottom, side to side? Are the seams reasonably straight? Is the piece sturdy? Don’t hesitate to rock a table back and forth, sit in a chair or check beneath a piece to make sure the legs are secure with corner blocks, dowels or steel clips. Are exposed surfaces smooth? For case goods (chests, cabinets and other wood furniture), do the drawers and doors open smoothly and easily? Do they stay closed? Are the drawers smooth inside? Is the hardware on the item securely fastened?



Trust your senses, your eyes and touch! Is the piece smooth and does it show a glow? Are grains and patterns matched? Are glass tops thick and fitted?



Consider your lifestyle. Do you have young children? Do you have pets? Check with your store clerk for assistance in making selections here. As a rule, you will probably find that cotton, vinyl or leather work well in a family room. Other fabrics such as silk, velvet, and stain may work best for adult-only families. Check to see if the fabric is protected from water and oil stains? Also, ask for information about seating choices: down fill, eight-way, hand-tied springs, foam fill and others.



Here again, it’s best to ask your sales person for information, but generally wood furniture should be dusted often with a soft, lint-free cloth. Remove dirt with mild soap on a slightly damp cloth, then rinse dry with a clean cloth. Periodically, wax with a good furniture polish. Protect furniture surfaces from rough or wet objects. Upholstered pieces should be vacuumed regularly and spills cleaned immediately.