August 9, 2009

Lenoir, NC — In its August issue, WNC featured Lenoir in its “Road Trip: Foothills Find.” Written by Constance E. Richards, the article describes Lenoir’s reputation for not only furniture but for visual arts. Richards came to the area looking for furniture along U.S. 321, which is known as the “20 Miles of Furniture.” Over 40 stores and outlets line the stretch of highway offering deep discount furniture. After shopping for furniture, Richards became won over by downtown Lenoir. “Here you won’t come across a legion of cafes or a bevy of high-end boutiques. But you will discover a downtown dotted with sculptures (thanks to a dedicated arts council), a thriving farmer’s market, a popular outfitters, and a host of community festivals—all signatures of Lenoir’s just-enough-of-everything appeal,” Richards wrote.

The author Constance E. Richards offers up a few recommendations on where to play, dine, shop, and sleep in downtown Lenoir.  To play, Richards recommends checking out everything from Friday After Five concerts to the Lenoir Cruise-Ins and the outdoor family films—Fabulous Family Films—that are shown for free on a two-story-tall inflatable screen.

To shop and dine, the author writes about the local outfitter, where you’re “lured by the smell of cinnamon almonds roasting in a German kettle,” she writes. She recommends visiting several local eateries and shops, including a local sandwich shop, a three-story emporium, a coffee shop, and a wine shop and bistro.

The emerging importance of the visual arts to downtown Lenoir was highlighted, from the annual Sculpture Celebration in August to the public display of outdoor sculptures throughout the community.

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