Blackberry Festival Recap

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Many people visit Lenoir & the NC Foothills every year for one of our favorite events – the North Carolina Blackberry Festival. Like every year prior, this year’s festival was a big success! Over a two-day time period, 25,000 people attended!

Blackberry Festival Recap

We had 150 vendors participate in this year’s blackberry festival, and there was plenty of blackberries and cobbler to go around. In fact, all the blackberries and cobbler sold out! To meet the demand for cobbler and blackberries, there are plans to get even more for next year’s festival.

Since bad weather can quickly ruin a festival, we were grateful that the weather was beautiful for the two days of the blackberry festival this year. We also are grateful for the many volunteers who participated and helped run this year’s festival. We had over 100 people from all around the area help out and contribute to making this year’s blackberry festival a huge success.

The Chamber of Commerce is pleased with how this year’s North Carolina Blackberry Festival went, and there was lots of news coverage about the event. We’re glad this year’s festival went so well and look forward to many more great years of the Blackberry Festival in the future!

Caldwell, Chamber, NC

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