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Caldwell Heritage Museum

Caldwell Heritage Museum

Caldwell Heritage Museum educates and preserves the history of Caldwell County for future generations through educational services and exhibits. After obtaining the last remaining building of Davenport College, the Caldwell Heritage Museum opened in 1991. Built in 1926, it housed the auditorium and music rooms. Today, the  space is being utilized for a chronological history of Caldwell County, from pre-Colonial days until the present, through a series of exhibits. Among the historic treasures are Native American spears and arrow points, early maps, grants, and deeds. There is also information and pictures about the founding of Caldwell County, as well as the establishment of the town of Lenoir as the county seat and its development into a railroad terminus and furniture manufacturing center. The museum also has several special interest collections: medical, music, military, and photography. Special collections of loaned items are featured for short periods of time each year.

The purpose of the Caldwell Heritage Museum is to educate, research, and preserve the history of Caldwell County through educational services and exhibits for our contemporary society, and passing intact its material culture to future generations.


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