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Our local music is as unpretentious as our people and practically exudes southern hospitality.

One of the things that surprises people that visit Lenoir & the NC foothills is how many influential musicians got their start in this area. There is no denying that music is a big part of our community’s culture. In fact, bluegrass and americana style music has been traced to Lenoir, North Carolina with the Hog Waller market downtown being the hub in the area. The music styles you’ll find here include bluegrass, ballad singing, blues, Cherokee music, gospel, mountain swing, old-time, early country music, and shaped-note singing.

Music in Lenoir, North Carolina

Our local music is as unpretentious as our people and practically exudes the southern hospitality that will be evident when you visit. With multiple music events and festivals each year, this area is an important part of the NC Blue Ridge Music Trails of North Carolina. You’ll hear music from a wide variety of instruments, including banjo, bass, dulcimer, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, piano, and steel guitar.

Another thing to think about as you ponder whether to visit Lenoir & the NC foothills is that music isn’t always something created by people. If the tune of a songbird or the babbling of a creek are music to your ears, you’ll also love the outdoor recreational opportunities available. Our many miles of hiking trails and options for watersports ensure you’ll be able to enjoy nature’s music.

Whether you simply enjoy listening or kicking up your heels to some lively music or you want to join in as a musician yourself, you can’t go wrong with a visit to this area. Our rich history and cultural uniqueness provide a memorable experience that will stick with you for a lifetime. You might just find yourself looking for a home here after enjoying all that we have to offer!

When you Visit Lenoir & the NC Foothills, you can enjoy local music in Lenoir, Granite Falls, Gamewell, Cedar Rock, Boone, and Blowing Rock, North Carolina.


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