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If you want to unplug and connect with nature, we have the diverse outdoor recreation opportunities you need.

There are practically unlimited locations across the country where you can enjoy outdoor recreation. Often, these places are suitable only for a handful of outdoor pursuits, but when you visit Lenoir & the NC foothills, you won’t find yourself lacking in options. Part of the reason for that is the diversity of the area – ranging from 900 to 5,964 feet in elevation, the vistas are exceptional and the options are unlimited.

Outdoor Recreation in Lenoir, North Carolina

Among the choices you will have for outdoor recreation are canoeing, kayaking, biking (regular and mountain), off-road driving, watersports, hiking, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, camping, golf, waterfall hikes, and more. Even better is that we have one of the most pristine and rugged terrains in which to enjoy them. That may be why we have more than 20 walking areas and plenty of hiking trails to choose from.

Experience the unchanged beauty and hospitality of Lenoir!

Whether you are looking to challenge yourself, unplug and connect with nature, or enjoy the many benefits involved with outdoor recreation, you won’t go wrong with a vacation to Lenoir, North Carolina and the surrounding towns in Caldwell County. Not only are we a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a weekend getaway or vacation location, but also a popular place to retire or raise a family.

With our parks and public land calling out to you, how can you resist the charm of a such a beautiful place? Come spend some time with us and enjoy all the outdoor recreation you need to rejuvenate and clear your mind and see for yourself why so many people call this place heaven.

Camping in Lenoir, North Carolina


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Kayaking in Lenoir, North Carolina


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Biking in Lenoir, North Carolina


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Fishing in Lenoir, North Carolina


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Watersports in Lenoir, North Carolina


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Snow Tubing

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