Rhodhiss is a small, quaint community with a unique claim to fame. The town is known for a sign that proudly proclaims that the flags planted on the moon by the United States were woven in Rhodhiss. Located in both Caldwell and Burke counties, Rhodhiss is situated alongside the Catawba River just below Duke Energy’s Rhodhiss Dam. Much of the community is residential with many lakeside homes and features a community park.


Rhodhiss Post Office: (828) 396-3172

Rhodhiss Fire Department: (828) 396-2942


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Quick Facts

Founding date: 1903

Population: 1,070

Services provided: Some sewer, water, police department, fire department, garbage pick-up

Town office: (828) 396-8400

200 Burke Street
PO Box 40
Rhodhiss, NC 28667