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Shopping in Lenoir? Check Out Tybrisa Books! Are you a bookworm? Do you love reading a few chapters of a good book before you nod off to sleep for the night? Does someone in your family always have their nose in a book? We love highlighting unique shopping spots here in Lenoir, North Carolina, and we want to introduce you to one of our favorite bookstores: Tybrisa Books!

Owners Cliff and Michelle Mahaffey originally started Tybrisa Books to realize their dream of becoming small business owners and to work for themselves. They work tirelessly to provide their customers with inexpensive but quality books. In fact, most of the books you can find at this brick-and-mortar store are only $1.00 each!

The majority of this bookstore’s inventory is gently used books. Although they do carry books from local authors that are new, you can find a great selection of classics and trending titles at this bookstore for a great price. Tybrisa Books also sells branded tote bags, audio books, journals, activity books, bookmarks, and a selection of Melissa & Doug toys.

The next time you’re out shopping in Lenoir, spend some time browsing the great selection of used books at Tybrisa Books. You can also shop their selection at or on Amazon.

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